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New Year, New Decade, New Opportunity

Hello and happy 2020!

I have returned from my holiday break, and very excited to bring you angel messages again!

I wish you blessings, peace, health and prosperity.

A new year, and a new decade is upon us, and now that we are a week into this new time, I hope you have had a chance to relax. It is a busy time of year, isn’t it? Holy days, holidays, preparation, expectations, maybe some challenging weather interfering with your plans, perhaps financial stress, being absolutely bombarded with constant, oft-times garish commercials telling you to buy, buy, buy, visiting with friends and family, and rounding the corner into January 1, when many people make resolutions to make big change(s) in their lives. Wow! That’s a lot to experience in a short period of time. You may feel drained from the pressure and activity, or you may be exhilarated from the joy and special energy the season brings.

The Christmas season for me has always been a time of introspection – remembering past holidays with family – so many happy times and meals, finding just the right gift, and thrilled to receive something that was chosen just for me, going to church, delighting in Christmas snowfall, especially when it covered outdoor Christmas lights. Living in Florida, I still miss the snow at Christmastime. For me, there is so much beauty in the holiday season. From a spiritual perspective, I find it awe-inspiring. There is of course, the “reason for the season”, the birth of Christ. Each Christmas, I thank Jesus for coming into this world and changing the lives of many millions of people, for bringing light into our lives. I love the extra kindness that people feel compelled to give to others in need – bringing light to others. It’s like a gift to both parties – the opportunity to give, and the opportunity to receive. That momentum to give is a beautiful thing.

In that spirit, I hope that you choose to be introspective and see what it is that you would like to do to make a difference in your life, and the lives of others. A new year, and a new decade, is certainly an opportunity for new beginnings! What changes would you like to have in your life? Be fully honest with yourself, and don’t worry if it seems “impossible”. You might begin by writing down some things that you would like to accomplish. This helps to solidify your thoughts. It helps to plan how you will achieve that change. It’s so very helpful to have a plan of action, in manageable steps, so that you are not overwhelmed or discouraged. Do you need advice on how to accomplish your goal(s)? Reach out to someone for guidance – I know a wonderful source of guidance – the angels! Ask your Guardian Angel for what you want or need! The angels are always standing by, ready to help, heal, lead and guide you.

Spending time being in touch with your thoughts, your hobbies, your self - is some of the most important time you can spend - it's not selfish - it's self preservation and growth.

How do you know what you want or need if you don't "check in" to see how you feel in your mind, body and soul. Spending even 10 minutes per day just being you, sipping your favorite tea, staring out of the window, listening to inspiring music - are moments that may help you gain perspective, heal, even create!

The angels love you unconditionally, and love to help you. Just ask, and they will be there.

Happy new year. Happy new beginnings!

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