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New Year leads to new directions

Angels and the New You

The beginning of a new year brings about opportunities to review what we want to change in our lives. Those resolutions typically involve improving our health, getting the job that makes us happy, or perhaps meeting "the one". We have great intentions and start off in the right direction, knowing what we want to accomplish, but not always sure how to get there, or not sure how to get around the "speed bumps" that invariably appear. We may lose momentum or direction, and then may feel like we've failed ourselves or others. Making changes in life is rarely easy or without challenge, making it an act of faith and perseverance. I don't know about you, but after a lot of soul searching and determination to make a change, I always hope that things go smoothly, since I've already set off on the path - after all, since I've decided to and started to make a change, can't things go a little easier? What the H-E-double toothpick? Why do things have to be such a pain in the keister? The reasons we have challenges are many. So many, that I'll talk about that in another blog. For now, honor yourself for being ready, willing and able to make the change that will help you be happier or healthier. Do your best to achieve that goal, even if there are many starts and stops. Just keep going if it's what you really want, but the most important advice I can offer, and I know of what I speak (and write), is to ask your angels to help you get to that place. We all have angels with us at all times that want us to have happy, healthy lives! Did you know that? Whether you are religious, non-religious, or just plain apathetic, they are with you and love you! Ask Archangel Raphael to help you with your health goals, or to heal that broken heart. He can help you find your perfect someone, too! Looking for the perfect job? The fabulous Archangel Michael is the one to ask. The only requirement is to ask the angels to help you. That's all! Just ask! Please let me know what your goals are, and if you've asked your angels to help you, what changes have you experienced? How does it make you feel? Lighter? Brighter? Happier? Calmer? Many blessings, and may the brightest light of God surround you and light your way!

Laura Romeiro, Angel Intuitive and healer.

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