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"Laura is a very gifted healer and reader. I am amazed at how accurate she is. Thank you Laura. Can't wait for my next reading."   -J.C.

"We met at our BioEnergy Healing class. After the practice healing, I felt much improved. A few weeks later I went to Elysian Fields for a reading. Fortunately, I was able to have an Angel Reading with Laura. My questions were answered. I left with a lighter and hopeful feeling." -C.B.

    " I have known Laura for over 40 years and even as a teen, she possessed tremendous insight and compassion. She has helped me through many personal health issues as well as health issues with loved ones. 

     There is immense comfort and peace that is felt during and after her healing and readings. This has allowed me to go forward with greater faith and solidify my relationship with God. Her healing talents and energy are invaluable to me and others." - E.G. 

"Laura is an excellent angel messenger! She gave me the a very accurate reading that helped me move through a very difficult time. She has done a lot of healing work on me that has helped with pain and stress. It has made a big difference in my life." ~ WL

"Laura is a warm and compassionate person who has generously given me numerous readings on her radio show as well as a private session. Her connection with the Angelic realm and the Ascended Masters is clear and strong. I have been given many suggestions to heal various aspects of my life.  One of her predictions came to pass within a month after the reading.  I’m looking forward to experiencing manifestation of the other predictions!  It is so nice to know that we can call upon the angels and our spiritual team for assistance at any time.  I would definitely recommend having a session with Laura!" ~KB

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